Apologies in advance for the long post. When we come out of the pandemic next year, I’m looking to get an EUC - I’ll be selling my Brompton. I’m still shielding my elderly MIL. I’ve never ridden an EUC before. I’m 5’5”, 70kg, with arthritic knees but still fairly sporty. I normally carry 20-25Kg (sports kit) on my back when I’m travelling. I’ll be travelling 98% on roads but perhaps the rest on grass. Distances would be up to 14 miles on a round trip from train stations to sports grounds. I don’t drive and use public transport extensively. Would like some advice from all you experienced lot out there on what would be the best beginner wheel for me and one that would continue to serve my needs permanently. I’m not a speed demon and would be happy to travel at 18mph, with an occasional foray to 22mph. I’m looking at the Mten3, Inmotion V8F, V10F and perhaps the KS16X. I will be purchasing from Speedy Feet of course as Ian has been really helpful, even though I haven’t bought a wheel yet. BTW, has anyone been stopped by the boys in blue for riding and EUC? If yes, what’s your advice? Whew, that’s it! Sorry again for the looooooong post! Thanks in advance and stay safe!