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Anything related to servicing / repairs etc goes here.

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Kingsong Firmware Error - workaround.

IOS: Search 'softtuner' on appstore.


How to Calibrate your Gotway / Begode

Hope this video helps you out, its changed a little in the APP, but premise is the same.

How do I Lock / Unlock My Kingsong KS18L / KS18XL?

We did a really quick video showing you how to get the KS18L / XL out of transport mode. This will also work for other models in the Kingsong range, so could be helpful. A video is much easier than... (More)

Sherman: Transport Mode / Lock Mode

The Sherman comes in lock mode, once you plug the charger in it unlocks automatically. This little video shows you how to put it back into lock mode.

Hope this helps!

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