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Mr Nick
Asked a question 5 months ago

Which is better KS18s Or InMotion V11 and why? As I see it the KS18s is much lighter at 22kg versus 27kg (My reference is an aging NineBot One P at 14kg) but suffers a bit on range compared to the V11. The suspension on the KS18s seems a more eloquent design using a single standard strut with much better access without having to remove screws etc. Am I also correct in assuming that the KS18s can be ridden with the suspension locked so in effect no suspension?

Where am I?

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All depends on what you need. They both have suspension, but are totally differents. For range, cruising, torques and confort I would choose a V11, with power/jump pads you'll have a full control of the wheel with an incomparable stability. The rim is really large, so the tire is. If you need something nimble, to play with like going down stairs or even jumps it'll be the S18. But it lacks torque, hill climbing capacity and the range is not the best. Also depends on your weight, with my 1m85 and 90kg fully equipped I would not go off-road where I leave with a S18, too much hills. I would rather go have fun in the skatepark or on the BMX tracks. About the weight, it's only a problem if you need to carry it up.