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Asked a question 5 months ago

What’s the most amount of fun you’ve ever had on your EUC? For me it was playing Polo.

Where am I?

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Razzing around a local park, lots of hillocks, trees, grass etc. and getting the sudden realisation that I could pretty much go and do wherever and whatever I wanted. It was very quiet in the park I should add, no families were mown down.

The Bristol meet is high up there as one of my top day outs. I think only surpassed by the 1000miler with @Jonathan Whalley12 

Markus swärdenholt
6 years EUC rider In the making

Oh oh oh, I know this one! Riding it!😁

Hmm, it's really a blast all the time! But if I had too choose, it would be either whenever I go to the skatepark with it, or the time I played a game of 21 (basketball)