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Jim Bobinski
Tattoo Artist, Creator
Asked a question 7 months ago

What kind of helmet are y'all wearing? I've been using this open Face from the start, but it's getting soooo cold now and it's a struggle with streaming eyes ๐Ÿ˜‚ I need something with a visor, but not too heavy, of course.

Andre Mostert
I have also started using MX goggles and they do help allot. Something to get use to but they work really well. Or you can look at something like the TSG Pass for a full face helmet with a massive field of view and some good ventilation.
Explore Devon Uk
Lazer Phoenix+ Helmet

I bought from Halfords very comfortable
Paul Edward Binney
Iam using a Ruroc full face BERSERKER HELMET, full face for fast commuting, A Giro full face Switchblade for trial riding.
Asher Broadbent
Scorpion Exo 510 Air.
It's 1.6Kg so not exactly light, but I ride motorbikes so I am used to the weight and it's a complete non-issue. On the plus side, I have my intercom fitted to it, so easy music
/audiobooks for rides.
Caio Kellermann Sabino
I know that a lot of people in Portugal use LS2 helmets. They are light and not that expensive. I have a modular helmet from Venmar that I really like, but it's not light. I would say that you get used to whatever the weight is after using for awhile
Badass Russian
The same as yours but mostly a winter hat or a baseball cap in the summer :-)

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Get a motorcycle balaclava. I have one of those under a similar, but even more ventilated, full face and it's nice and toasty now. Also decent goggles help. I wouldn't wear sunglasses at all. I had a cut out and the worst injury was the arm of the sunglasses broke and cut my eyebrow quite deeply. A few mm lower could have been really bad.

Bell Super 3R MIPS and taped the vents for winter riding. And sometimes my skihelmet. While walking the dog the Xiaomi helmet with LED-Backlight ... easy to get my fingers in my mouth for a loud whisle