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Andre Mostert
Let the good times ROLL!
Asked a question last year

What Gotway/Begode wheel would you like if you where looking for a new wheel or a second wheel. Drop a vote below and let us know why. EX (suspension) or EX-N (non suspension).

Richard Sherwin
Hi Andre, I think I’d go with the EX-N

(especially if you already have a S18 for the suspension)

I think as I’m not too sure about the suspension on the EX. The jet aircraft tyre pressure in the shock seems crazy to me.

I know that they get the same level of praise for their ride as the bad press for their problems, but I’d just not get a Gotway/Begode wheel at the moment due to their build. (Ok I know, I have a M-Ten).
They remind me of Alfa’s Ducati’s etc, that drivers/riders machine that gets a bit of a easy ride in reliability and build

*******This is of course only my own thoughts I am no expert by any means.
It is not in anyway an attempt to stop anyone buying what they want*******
Andre Mostert
Richard Sherwin All makes sense really. I must say I am also leaning to the non suspension wheel but then again I would like to give them both a good old try out.
Carl Viktor
That was a difficult question because so far I have only ride 16 inch wheels. So the choice must be between suspension and the lower height of the footrest. Considering how I ride, my choice would be EX-N.
Richard Sherwin
LeFinch Hi Andre, yes I think that’d be the best solution if possible. 👌
I think a wheel just has to be taken in it’s own wright especially when you’re looking at it against other wheels that you own.
We were like Goldilocks, got a wheel too big and heavy, then went too far the other way 😆
They are very much like motorbikes don’t you think in that you could have one for every different type of journey 😂
Andre Mostert
Richard Sherwin haha yes that would be awesome. But you buy a GS and it does cover so much. Multi tool deluxe
Richard Sherwin
LeFinch ha ha you’ve got a point there to be fair.

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