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I ride my kingsong more then I ride my woman
Asked a question 2 years ago

what do you think now that kingsong are locking out wheels that are bought from un-official sellers?

Andre Mostert
This is a bit of a difficult one as on one side it can be good for a product to maintain single flow of units out of one location and on the other hand it can get allot of people upset as if they pay for something then they want to do with it what they like. Something like the iphone in the beginning where it was jailbroken to run different apps for free and bypass the app store.

This can be good - we get more indepth support from the official dealers. They will also know more and have more spares and feedback will go back to Kingsong so that they can build better products.
Less grey imports and also speed locked models for certain countries to comply with there law.

So many I can think of both for and against.
Shane Dougherty
I understand the reasoning behind it, but disagree with the means they're using. In the end it's going to anger their consumers and lower Kingsong sales.
Robin Ridge
Kingsong can distribute their products as they please, but if they lock (disable) one of their products after its sold, its deliberate sabotage to an item that no longer belongs to them. A criminal offence in my book.
Jake Smith
hopefully their reputation wont be tarnished too much from those who are going to be effected. like LeFinch said, overall in the long run, itll be better for both kingsong and us as riders. it might also be the step in the right direction for the community as a whole.

You can baby your wheel and try to make it last for as long as possible, accidents happen and getting spares has been an issue for my aliexpress purchases. scammed on a new motor for mcm4 :(

having people like speedyfeet and ewheels has propped the community up with their level of support. the more these guys thrive the more our community will thrive.

I do feel as if locking is bad, freedom of choice and all that.

Feels a bit heavy handed to me.
It is possible that someone genuinely moved countries, unlikely but not impossible.
Marc Roberts
I totally disagree with this behaviour. I won’t buy a Kingsong wheel in the future unless they backtrack on this policy. I get what they’re trying to fix but you don’t do that by attacking your customer base and remotely bricking their property.

You’d also have to be very careful buying a second hand Kingsong wheel now.
Jake Smith
Marc Roberts your right about the impact of the second-hand market. i could understand wheels coming locked from the the factory and allowing them only to be unlocked with codes from "authorised retailers", they would get the effect they are looking for, without having that control of peoples property after the point of sale.

once unlocked, stay unlocked.
Mark Horton
I just wont be buying another kingsong product old or new, dealership or import so thats that problem solved👍
Robin Ridge
Importing stock past official Country Distributors happens because of disparity between the price an item is supplied in one Country, over another. Normally because wealthy Countries, can and will pay higher prices. Goods supplied in this manner are referred to as Grey Stock. There is nothing illegal about doing this, it is the manufacturers to blame trying to sell the same product at different prices. I have no sympathy. It is up to dealers to complain about the disparity, and/or import grey stock themselves. It is the same product after all. Kodak and Ilford were notorious for this with 35mm film, selling a roll of film for pounds in Europe and for pence in Asia. Not surprisingly grey imports were a thorn in their side.
Hang on, does this mean that if i sell my kingsong to someone else - and they try to initialise the warranty with Kingsong - that buyer will get their wheel bricked?

I can understand the use of remote bricking if a bunch of wheels are stolen during transport, and then sold on. This is one of the VERY FEW acceptable instance of bricking a device IMHO. Another instance would be if there is an embargo on these products, i.e. the chinese government said that these devices could not be sold to a foreign state, because they found that the S20's were being used as bombs on the local population ;-).

However, if kingsong sells to a distibutor, and then that distributor sells to a legitamate shop or person that was not on Kingsongs books; Then they have no right to interfere with the device in any deliberately negative way.
Can we have another option added?

"Good, if used to tackle crime and safety issues. Bad, if used for profit manipulation".

While i would hate it. I would be happy if the company bricked my device during a recall period, if they are concerned with my safety. I would not blame them for it, considering I expect either a refund or the issue to be fixed at their expense.
Robert Rijkers
you can now use a key generator

just in case you can get a cheap offer on a bricked unit, instead of using it for parts you can unlock it here. ;p

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