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Richard Sherwin
Asked a question 2 years ago

We’ve got a KingSong KS16X and have only needed to charge it up twice. Topped up the charge to 100% when we received it and then just back up from @55% or so back to 80% twice. (not done many miles yet, probably 60 or so). So after having the wheel since the 20th October, I decided to charge the wheel up from 80% to 100% to balance the cells etc. This I did on the 27/01/2021 and we haven’t used the wheel since. We plan on going out tomorrow morning so we’ve turned on the wheel to find the charge is at 24%. When we have checked in the past it has hardly dropped more than a few % at best. So I’m wondering if maybe the wifi/Bluetooth app has been running all this time to deplete the battery? Has anyone else had this happen and if so how did you turn it off after charging? I’ve swiped the app off, but do I need to turn it off/disconnect it from the app before swiping the app off? Cheers in advance

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