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Asked a question last year

We all have Euc crashes but what is the most common cause.I have 11 to choose from now apparently.😳

Old Trapper
Sorry, no crash during the last 3.000 km. During my first two learning weeks I once let the wheel go to prevent falling (at a very low speed) and the wheel ended on it's side. A few days later I was too slow and got stuck on a sandy path ... wheel stuck in sand with spinning tire and I stood aside and tried to switch it off ... did not work unless i put it in upright position and it stopped spinning :-)

My vote for fighting off masked raiders is a different story and Ian decided to give it a bulletpoint:
Andre Mostert
Mine has been rider error and pedal clip but that again is rider error.
Robin Ridge
General rider error - what can I tell you I'm hopeless :-)
Cyril Ahetz-Etcheber
I had a big crash and it was due to a burning motherboard 5 minutes away from my house at 40kph+ thanks to my full face helmet my head is still in one piece, but still got a head trauma.
Old Trapper
Cyril Ahetz-Etcheber with the msp?
Cyril Ahetz-Etcheber
Old Trapper Yes with a MSP HS
Speedy Feet
ha ha, Jonathan Whalley I see ivan cullis has added a new option.....
Jonathan Whalley
I only just saw this... and alarmingly it looks like 3 people have voted saying that they are me!!!
Old Trapper
Jonathan Whalley You're not alone :-)

Precondition is having damaged a wheel's rim

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