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Speedy Feet
Speedy Feet
Asked a question 2 years ago

TETHER: Yes or No? (Explain by commenting as well as voting!)

Kyle Schielke
Unless it's thoroughly tested to stop the wheel and not cause any injury to the rider, I'd say it's a no go.

IMO, With the speeds we can reach, and the amount of mass being moved, it would be hard to find a happy medium that would slow/stop the wheel and not injure the rider.
E-Wheels are evolving and distancing themselves from being toys. With increased speed and mass comes increased responsibility to the general public to make sure our fun does not cause injury or property damage. A power kill switch of some design is needed for the times that a rider becomes separated from the device. Tethering to a power switch is a proven technique on watercraft.
Espen Riise
I voted no. There are too many people on this planet, and death caused by a tumbling wheel isn't the worst way to go:)

I have thought about it more seriously, but I don't think it is a safe solution. Attached to the leg and you could hurt ligaments in a situation that wouldn't offer any danger to anyone without a tether, and it has to be very short to avoid situations where the tether becomes the danger. Attached to the waist and it would be difficult to have it short enough.
Can I ask, do you understand that a tether as used a watercraft in the USA is only attached to a key and when the rider separates from the watercraft the key is pulled, killing power to the craft? The rider, tether, and key all completely separate from the watercraft. There is insignificant resistance to the removal of this key. No force applied to any part of the riders body.
Espen Riise
RickN Lol:) I was thinking about a rope or wire thing attached to the rider. A kill switch tether makes much more sense. Changing my vote:)
Kyle Schielke
Yes, I completely understand how a tether works. However, just a kill switch tether will NOT work for an EUC. That is essentially the same as having the euc cutoff. Killing power to the wheel will do nothing to prevent it from continuing to roll after a crash or cutoff.

It may help in some cases where the wheel continues to spin, such as when a rider just falls off and the wheel keeps going. However, you would still have a object of heavy mass flailing through the air as it bounces from sudden loss of power.
I agree that speed raises the stakes.
Robin Ridge
I voted no - would you tether yourself to a motorcycle? As to the kill switch tether its the momentum at speed that's the danger. Another thing comes to mind - I had a speedboat with a kill switch tether, it was not beyond me to pull it out by accident, can you imagine that at speed :-(
Andre Mostert
This will be good but then they need to enable some sort of regen breaking. So if I fall off the wheel goes into full regen and slows down the wheel. I think they should look at regen in any case as the wheels are getting faster and heavier. Follow the electric car and bike route.
Jacek prot
YES, for safety of others . Specially when speeding or riding among pedestrians.
Enrique Aglesias
yes and no. Yes when you're learning at lower speeds.. no when you're more advanced.

In my city, it states that a rider shall not be tethered to vehicle.. I can see the problem.. it can pull your arm off your socket, or worse, break your spine if around your waist. Just a bad idea.

I too thought it would be best to use a tether.. Now I lock my wheel down to a reasonable speed when city riding. High speeds should only be used when not in city in my opinion.

I have fallen off my MSP more than once.. I've seen it drive itself into oncoming traffic.. and the worst one was when it tumbled and flew up 6 feet and hit a wall. That could easily been a person's head.

It's not about you out there..
Eric Ayeras I would agree if talking about a hard tether between rider and wheel, but what if the tether in question was only to a power switch like snowmobiles and jet skis? Where the tether and rider completely separate from the wheel in a fall.
Enrique Aglesias
Someone mentioned a tether with a quick release if too much force. Great idea. My one concern is the people close by. Will the EUC still ride off/tumble towards a person.. I have kids, and that one time my MSP got away from me.. that was very eye opening.

(Edit: Honestly, with the speeds these machines are going, if riders need to go in excess speeds (me included).. we need to take it somewhere safe like a gokart area.. that's the responsible way of doing this.)
Paul Edward Binney
I have to say Iam considering one
Don McAllister
For any one interested I've just bought a Coiled dog lead which I'm going to use on mine, I've seen videos on how far the wheels can travel when you come off at speed, and yes It is possible to injure some one if its hit them, I'm sure with a Velcro wrist strap this can be secured to your wheel for piece of mind. here is the link for the one i bought.

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Don McAllister
Copy and paste the above description on eBay and it should take you to the page
Don McAllister
Hope fully if tethered to the lead it shouldn't travel to far from you, better it injuring your own wrist than injuring some poor passer by, I would never ride one again if i injured some little child, or any one as a matter of fact.
As a biker I would not want to be connected to my bike in the event of a crash - same goes for the EUC
Saved my wheel rolling down the road on a few occasions.
I feel that the wheel would just rip off my pants and I would be left showing half of my underwear to everyone
Richard Sherwin
Not yet, I’m not riding fast enough yet for my wheel to be running off down the road like a loose flywheel from a mill.
Maybe a kill switch cord like a jet ski would be a good idea, but a false cutout wouldn’t be good. Or a footplate sensor on both foot plates?
For those who ride off road or jump the wheel, pad sensors could be problematic.
Richard Sherwin
RickN yes that’s a good point.
I ride a Future Motion OneWheel also and it depends on footpad sensors. They will kill the rotation of the wheel but it is delayed enough that the wheel can continue under power. It's better than nothing but not as good as a kill switch. OW can run on (ghosting) for 10's of feet before reacting to a missing rider.
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