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Asked a question 11 months ago

I received my Inmotion v11 on the 25th of this month. Had a chance to ride it around the block once. Next day, it had problems connecting to app. I use an android device, but after a while tried it on the an apple device and it connected. I put it away two hours later turned on app and it had an exclamation point message on the app that read " Error". The wheel had a red light next to the power button. The blue bluetooth light was also on, when a ran the diagnostic the device utter the words repair, and the battery had a red X, instead of the green check mark. Also, a message appeared on the screen saying that I needed to contact the manufacturer. I once again put away the wheel, few hours later I turned on again but connected the device using my android device and the message and the red light are gone. Ran the diagnostic tool and it says that is fine. Anyone else experienced this? I worry that if I were to ride this with a possible battery or control board issue that it will cause me to face plant. I contacted EUCO about this problem, since I purchased the device from them. I am still waiting for a reply. The battery icon on the display was NOT flashing at all, in fact the battery display looked normal the only difference was the red light next to it.

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