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Luc Cossette
45years old Canadian
Asked a question last year

How many like me think a starter euc is a waste of money?i have spend a 1000$ on a v8 after 1 month i was getting mad about tilt back and speed limit! once i get the Gotway Nikola i found that i waste a 1000$ that i could have pad the big euc and learn from it since i had to learn to ride again for a good 300/400km on the Nikola🤦🏻

Where am I?

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jep. Stupid as mud :-)

But: a lot of friends I try to infect with the EUC-virus are planning to buy a cheep second hand wheel on ebay to give it a try ... asking me what to think about an airwheel and likewise. They literally want to buy rubbish. Including the risk that this crap might spoil everything.  Moreover they feel like acting smart. Maybe that's the way preEUCriders are. I am feeling helpless :-)