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Jim Bobinski
Tattoo Artist, Creator
Asked a question 8 months ago

Hoe long before you could get on/off your EUC confidently in any situation without having to retry/fumble?

Old Trapper
"Add description to your vote" does not work most of the time, therefore a comment:

It helps a lot if you don't think about hopping on and off. Concentrate on developing your driving skills. The rest will follow. If you are in a crowded area or on uneven ground take a walking stick with you, thus being in a position to stop anytime and everywhere without getting on or off the wheel, which makes you quite flexible and you can choose any trip you want to. Maybe after one week you will feel no need for the stick anymore or you can utilize signposts or likewise instead (formerly being in "unreachable distance" besides your track :-) ).

DON'T try to stabilize yourself with the stick while rolling!!
Adrian Ward
Great idea and oe I'm adopting, my legs aren't the best so your idea has saved me loads of hassle
I nearly fell into traffic whilst using a high kerb stone to get on my mxs.... Thanks
Old Trapper
Adrian Ward kerb stones are dangerous ... you might sway to the stone's side upon takeoff and end up with pedal clipping. You may want to grab a wall or a parked car instead to stabilize yourself while mounting. Nevertheless in moving traffic this is not an option. Yess, the walking stick might save your ass :-)
Andre Mostert
Also the amount of time you spend riding and getting the feel for the wheel. When I got my daughter up and running she found it easy to stop and get off and the get going took a bit longer. As you need to jump and apply weight less on the one side while you put your foot on the other side. Also with higher wheels its a bit easier as your whole leg is supporting out while getting on.

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