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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi everyone iv just got my first EUC and iv had about 2 half hours on it I’m riding on grass at the moment “ but today I have to stop riding it as my right in side lag started to get score and now got a little scab “ any tips please Brian

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Hello Brian, and welcome to the hobby! So the best advice I can give for making learning as painless as possible is the following;

1 - if you have them, wear knee & shin guards (optional)

2 - prioritize learning a proper dismount first. When the wheel starts to tip over and lose control, make sure you remove the foot on the side that is falling. While planting that foot on the ground, push the opposite pedal (one that's raising) with your other foot and let your leg support it. This will avoid alot of bruising.


3 - I know this sounds crazy, but don't be afraid to let the wheel fall. No matter how good you are, the wheel will eventually fall and get scratched so don't worry. Letting it fall will help avoid injuries from trying to chase down the wheel or from trying to correct it when you cant. Over time you will realise what you'll be able to correct and what you can't.


Hope this helps you out!

Everyone is different, I learnt by going up and down, up and down the pavement next to a tennis court which had netting on to grab hold of which is more of a physiological aid. You will find it more difficult on grass. The other thing to do is wrap your EUC in gaffa tape to protect it if you don't have a cover for it, that way just be in the mindest to let it go and it won't get badly scratched. Also practice stepping on and off until you have got it nailed, every few metres... (Gaffa tape comes off again easily without leaving a residue)