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Hi all, just got the kingsong S18. I've pumped the suspension up to the recommendations for my weight, but think it might be a little too soft for my riding. It's set to 135 positive 60 negative. Would you recommend more than what the manual says?

Speedy Feet
Sajan Khowaja didnt you do a video on this?
Andre Mostert
Hi Scott, I am 75KG around 165LBS and I am running 220psi in the main top and 90psi in the neg lower chamber. This is what I ride at the moment and gives me a good ride. Also the rebound I am running 8 clicks from fast rebound. Good luck.
Sajan Khowaja
Scott Dunkley I recommend watching these two videos, might help and give you some information

King Song S18 Tyre Shock Setup Air Pressure and Ready to Ride

Essentials for Suspension EUCs - Especially for S18
Scott Dunkley
Thanks, I've watched them. I didn't struggle to blow my shock up with the pump. I only had to pump it a few times to get it to 135 psi. I have since deflated it and re-inflated it to 185 psi. Both times it has blown up with ease. I found it a lot better ride today with 185 psi in the top chamber and 80 psi in the bottom chamber. I have the rebound set to 5 clicks from fastest rebound setting. I really want to get some of those power pads as my legs are getting sore lol
Andre Mostert
Scott Dunkley No need for power pads, the key is just to get use to the wheel. The more you relax into the wheel the more you will feel comfortable and the pains will go away. Its all good fun and its so much to get use too and the muscles need to learn. Good luck and keep us posted.
Scott Dunkley
I remember when I first started on my old wheelo, my legs ached like mad!. Now I can ride it from full until the battery is flat (approx 5 miles) without feeling any aches and pains. The I remember when I first started on my old wheelo, my legs ached like mad!. The biggest problem I'm having is getting on!. My old wheelo has metal footplates with no grip tape so I can adjust my foot position easily. The grip tape on my S18 makes it a lot harder to adjust my foot position. Can tell already that I'm a lot more relaxed than when I first got on the S18 and I've only been on it 3 times lol.
Sajan Khowaja
Scott Dunkley Riding S18 is so smooth. Ditto, before I could not ride more than 20 miles without pain. Now ride out till battery dies, no issues no pain
Gethin Bermingham
I had the same feeling myself, but the rubber band suggests everything is fine, not moving more than 70% of travel (as per the book)

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