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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi all, I recently bought a used Kingsong 16x with only 300miles. It is my first wheel and I’m absolutely loving it, I managed to learn the basics pretty quickly, but every time when i put all of my weight on my right leg it makes a rubbing noise. The left side is fine and it is also fine if i just ride it normally. After closer inspection i noticed that the inner shell and the outer shell flexing quite a bit ( i can easily push them to touch the tire). I found a forum where some user had a similar problem and and it could be because the type of the tire, or the wheel just need centering.I’m not really sure if its a major issue or it is completely fine to ride it this way.The tire is a J-6188. In the video i put all of my weight on right leg, if i ride it normally it is silent.

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Standing on one foot means pressing your calve on this side to the housing? Maybe indeed the housing has some flex and riding under normal weight distribution should be ok. But if you encounter a wobble while speeding or braking this might go south. As soon as you are cool with letting the wheel wobble on purpose it is advisable to check this.

If the tire is just too wide and needs more space in the housing you could try to "sand" the sides down a tiny bit by letting the wheel spin freely while holdig it against a curb. The price is some wear down and it might not be worth it.

Third chance is - as you mentioned - the tyre is not centered on the rim. Let the wheel spinn freely (simply lift it) and watch the tire. If it seems to move a bit sideways there are two methods of correcting this: lower the pressure and apply  a massage pressing the tyre in the rim's bed for several 360s. You could also inflate the tyre to 60 psi for a short moment letting the air press the tyrewall evenly into the rim. This worked for my mten3 perfectly after changing the tyre but nearly ruined the tyre of my wife's ebike by making the tube pushing the tyre off of the (plastic) rim. So be careful, allthough the tyre seems to be quite new and I would not expect any issues with an alloy rim. 

You did check that there is no dirt on one of the inner walls of the housing I suppose? Sometimes tyre scratching on dirt is annoyingly loud.

My last idea features loose hanger screws. Open the housing and tighten.

Good luck


one more ... there are youtubers reporting problems with misaligned axle shins. Should be easy to adjust, the hardest part being the opening of the shell.