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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello All, I am planning to import a EUC from USA USA to India. There is no support AT ALL in India. My budget is around USD 2000 $. I have learnt how to ride and have made about 500 miles on Kingsong 14M. Given these conditions, which wheel is ideal so that I can run the wheel for 2-3 years (PROVIDED I DONT CRASH IT AND USE IT WITH CARE). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in Advance!!

Where am I?

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Carl Svanfelt
Do it well or not at all

One thing is for sure, at some point you will get into trouble with your wheel. This applies to all brands that are on the market. So it was when I bought my first wheel to Finland. You just have to realize your plans.

Later, when the problems arise, you can trust that the help is here on the forum or other forums about electric unicycles. There are many here who give useful advices. But the job you have to do by yourself.

My grandfather always said "a man can do what he have the guts to do".

Good luck with your purchase.