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Asked a question 2 years ago

Having started riding or gliding since the beginning of November I was asked yesterday by my 5yr old if she could learn to ride. So what age can they learn from and on what wheel? I will soon post pictures of my second hand M Super V3 that I got from Ian at speedy feet thank you by the way fantastic starter wheel for me but it is now looking very second hand. I have done my best and it’s still alive. So I am struggling to see how a 5 yr old will get it.

Where am I?

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I've seen videos on here of really young riders so the age isn't a problem. It will be a little challenging to get her started but I believe her interest will make the process of teaching her easier. 


The EUC will be her generation's bike from what I can see so go ahead and give her a head start. Of course standard protective gear is a must.


Do put up videos once she's up gliding.