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Asked a question 5 months ago

Have you waterproofed your EUC?

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I have not done so with the S18... This is because The board is at the top of the machine. I am not sure if I should though, although i have ridden in the (light) rain and not had any issues yet ;-)

Ok just recently purchased a new Begode RS 19 from erides who offer a waterproofing service with new wheels which at the time was free but you have to wait an extra few days for delivery if you choose this option.still peace of mind your wheel is better protected and you are less likely to have to return it for repair in the future.

to some extent ... mten3 and Nik and Tesla are quite waterproof, so I did not do anything. After changing the bearings of my RS I covered the grids around the lit RS-Logo at the side with some cling foil and fixed it with the natural fit of the side cover around the grids. Put some quality lithium grease around the outer sides of the bearings and greased the silicone gaskets around the side panels.Β 

Last year during our holidays in france I did a tour with RS and wife and dog. At the utmost point oft the trip a severe rainstorm started (and lasted the whole night long). Went 40 km through this rain and flooded tracks at different speeds and had no issues at all ... just store the wheel upright until it's dry.

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Asked a question 5 months ago
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