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Marc Roberts
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Asked a question 2 years ago

Getting ready for my first wheel, anything I've forgotten? I have ordered: knee pads, elbow pads, wrist protectors, full face helmet, and goggles. I have my GoPro, monopod, and a garden to learn to ride in. I'm thinking I need to get some slime and a skinny rucksack. Mainly I'm going to be using the wheel for distance countryside riding and some woodland trails. Cheers! *edit* I should have posted this to the EUC group, whoops, sorry!

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Shin pads facing inwards can help the calfs/ankles early on or some motorbike boots. Aside from that I think you have the list sorted. Maybe a cider for when you are tired out ha ha

It's nice to have some boots to protect your ankles. I have 8" tall work boots (Keens) that do a great job. It's important to gear up when you are learning. If you whack your ankle with the pedals--very painful. Once you get skilled at riding, less of a priority, but I still wear the boots for protection. 

Ben Hatfield
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one recommendation I would of taken is wearing high top shoes or boots that cover a bit of the ankle.  when I started, I was wearing pretty unsubstantial shoes and managed to take a few hits on the inside of each ankle on the pedals.  no idea if that's common or not

and one from my side :-) ... during the first days you will find a walking stick useful. Not to stick to a wall or fence is a minor advantage. But if you have to stop at intersections to give way to others, there will be no need to dismount and mount again followed by a shaky takeoff. Just put the pole to the ground and stand still like a pro and take off smoothly.