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Asked a question 2 years ago

foot pain, can't seem to shake off during long rides. Any suggestions?

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Espen Riise
Norwegian wood rider in Sweden

One part is hardening and muscle building, which takes time, but finding the right shoes is also vey important. Too soft, and you get under foot pain, too hard, and you get numbness, and if they aren't flat enough you get leg-cramps. I used to stop and walk a few steps to stretch out the underside of the foot every time the pain started to build up, and day by day the stops became fewer. I also moove my feet around on the foot plates and lift my toes, that also helps. I've got about 7500km on my EUC's, and foot and leg pain hasn't been an issue for the last half of those km. 

So this is heavily wheel dependant from my experience. On the ks14s I always got foot pain fairly quickly, which I was able to get rid of mostly with the right footwear. I've found the TCX hightops from street and steel to work the best. However, on my monster it doesn't matter what I wear, I never have foot pain.


With that said, when/if I do get pain while riding (regardless of wheel & gear) I will lift my toes up on one foot and wiggle them, while also lifting the heel of my other foot, kinda lifting up and down slightly to excercise it. Then I will alternate the feet, doing those actions. This helps get the blood flowing and will get rid of the pain. With that method, ive never had to completely stop to recover my feet, and I've done 70-80 mile runs quite a few times.


Best of luck, and hope you find something that helps/works for you!

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