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I ride my kingsong more then I ride my woman
Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you clean your EUC regulery and what do you use? Personally I clean it now and then. Something so satisfying about having a muddy, dusty and dirty EUC one moment..Then sparkling clean the next. I have the 18xl matt black version which is a bit of a pain to clean compared to a glossy shell. But find that baby wipes and a paper towel cleans it good. I stopped cleaning the rim all the time tho. That's just not worth it lol

Rich Scull
Yeah, I just use surface wipes
My msx didn’t respond well to a gentle hose down after the New Years fod mud bath.
Rich Scull that sounds pretty interesting. What's the story behind that? 😁
Rich Scull
NEON EUC lol. Nothing too exciting.
I have a battered old msx for off road, fod ride was a mud bath.
The previous keeper of the msx overtightened the side panel screws and snapped the plastic shell in a few places - so there are a few gaps.

It was soo muddy I had to hose it down, water got in the switch / control board and it was spontaneously turning itself on.
I left it on it’s side for a few days to dry out and all was well

Here is the video from the ride
Andre Mostert
Mine usually get a quick run down with the pressure washer if its really muddy and then I wipe it down with a cloth that has some ACF spray or light WD40 spray on it to just protect its. I do take the peddles off and repack them with grease as the grit really get in there.
Robin Ridge
Fair weather rider - what can I tell you. A wipe with damp kitchen roll.
Rich Scull watched it just now. loved it. hope that one day i will be lucky enough to go on a ride there too :-)
Andre Mostert
Robin Ridge Nothing wrong with that.

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Do not clean mine, but it hardly rains where I am from. I also use a protective cover on both of my wheels.

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