What do you guys think of the Begode MASTER?

Few points from my side (Good)
- This is the best looking wheel in the bunch of new wheels (HERO EX20S)
- I like the open sides and the good clearance between the mudguard and tyre
- The tyre is trail ready and sounds like a Sherman, I am happy
- Suspension looks strong and good range of travel (80mm)
- I like the side pads as they double up to protect the wheel and as side pads to getting more torque out of the wheel
- The motor is supposed to be the HT motor (3500W)
- Free spin speed 69mph or 112km/h
- Good size battery and looks like Speedyfeet is going for the better protection batteries. Win for us buyers
- The pedals are wide, has pins and its adjustable for upwards angle and floppyness haha if that is a word
- The pedal clearance (220mm) is nice and high for trail riding
- 3 options of colour (black, red and blue) Red for me
- Good clear screen with good visibility
- Weight of about 36KG

Not so goods
- Front light cannot be adjusted down, you can change the pedal angle
- The tail light is not very bright
- The mudguard is adjustable but might break off easely when you fall. It it looks like its easy to replace
- The weatherproofing might not be as good because of the open design.
- There is a rubbing noise on some of the units where the tyre rub againts the metal mudguard when you ride a high pressure in the tyre or you take big drops.

What do you guys think and add some thoughts below. The open design and the built in power pads just looks awesome.

Have a great week