There are many channels on YouTube about EUC's. I'm subscribed to four of them. Most people have one thing in common: poor audio quality.
If the image is blurry or is overexposed, it does not bother me. A good story is more important. But if the video is full of wind noise and other disturbances, it does not take many seconds before I click me away to something more interesting.
This week I have started filming my first cinematic video and I make most of the video material with the Fujifilm X-H1 camera.
In the picture you see the equipment I shall use with my wheel. The GoPro 7 black camera is mounted on a microphone stand and I record the audio with a wind protected Rode Go mic. I have also in use an adapter that allows the camera to receive sound from two microphones at the same time.
Invest in a good sound quality and I will give you a thumbs up on your next video!