The V really does make a difference! No wobbles until after 30.7 km/hr! On groomed gravel trails…. Didn’t get much of a chance to try on pavement as the one stretch we had today was super bumpy so I didn’t know if I was getting wobbles from the speed or because I was hitting a bunch of invisible bumps that I couldn’t prepare for (did someone send that pavement to a hockey game and teach it the wave??? Because that’s what I felt like I was on but 10x worse). I also put my feet further forward on the pedals and my feet and calves didn’t get tired anywhere near as fast which was a super nice treat.
Once I get a chance to try again on pavement I’ll see if decreasing tire pressure a tiny bit might help.
Warm day today and I was too tired to check my shock pressure when I came back so I’ll do so tomorrow or before my next ride.