The photos didn’t upload in order lol, the second photo and fourth photo are the same ride. I found an e-scooter person to ride with!! That second one was our first outing together! We were supposed to go out for another ride the next day but it was much too windy - they were at least 39km/h winds (Not gusts) and when your wheel is as much as 1/3 your weight that wind is…challenging (I want to go straight and I don’t lol and I REALLY gotta counter lean hahaha), I can’t imagine riding something like the Monster that’s 100lbs….that’s more than half my body weight. Once we have a break in the weather we’re going to go ride point pleasant park together. I need to see if my headlamp will fit on my helmet, as it’s pretty darn dark when I’m not by streetlights.
I brought my wheel to my best friend’s house, we had to go get some cake fixings from the store so she jogged and I rode the EUC beside her. It was fun talking with people in the store who saw my wheel and got curious. Maybe I inspired some people to do some research. My bestie said she really wanted to try it on a less windy day so that’s exciting! If only the rain would end…
I was testing my shock and it is indeed effected by cold weather. My shock gets weak after about 40 minutes in temps colder than 10 C. Once I warm it back up the shock goes back to feeling how it should.
My hand mirror should be arriving in the mail tomorrow! And with that I have all my gear to commute! Once I have a sunny Sunday or Saturday morning I’ll go and trial the route with all my stuff.