The big boss let us out at noon in lieu of the Easter weekend. It’s forecasted to rain the entire time but because of his generosity I was able to get out and snag a ride! I did 2 laps around a local provincial trail, and then went off to the bike path I’d use when I start commuting. I explored that route a bit and had a great encounter. While putting along at 15-18 km I saw an e-scooter person approaching me. We finger-gunned each other and then as we got closer gave each other a high five. The lady who was walking her dog behind the scooter person was like “🤩🤩 did you coordinate that?” It was so much fun. If the forecast changes I’ll go explore the rest of the route I’d take that’s closer to work - where I’ll start really messing around with traffic. Today I dipped my toes in it a little bit (riding on the street and using my hand signals) and it wasn’t bad. A few very confused motorists but no honking hahaha
If you were the e-scooter guy in Halifax on Chain of Lakes trail around 2pm HMU!!! Let’s ride!