Gotway ACM 2

Bought this off here a while ago. It was being sold as spares or repairs as it had a puncture and one of the pads were missing.

I have fitted a new inner tube. Removed the one remaining pad and added some sponge tape in place of the pads. In my honest opinion it could do with the original pads or some aftermarket ones fitted for better comfort.

The handle is quite battered and sticks a bit when being lowered, but it does it's job so didn't look into getting a replacement.

The wheel works as it should. The lights all work and the battery holds a good charge and seems to last forever!.

I have only covered approximately 30 miles on this wheel as I prefer my S18 for longer rides, and my Mten3 for playing around on.

Open to offers, or would be interested in swaps for something else fun....