So, safety gear for my S-18 is a must. I learned to ride my Ninebot with only a cycle helmet and some gloves - and while it is true that serious injury can occure at any speed... I think we can all agree that it is far less likely at the speeds that the Ninebot One can give. There are a lot of cheap gear on amazon which i just don't trust, so I am looking for Helmet, Wrist Guards and Shin Guards, that can be found in the UK.

One thing about the helmet - Hsiang sometimes seems to feature an open face helmet but with a single solid chin bar, in his videos. This is the style I am after (Similar to a POC Artic SL 360° Spin Ski Race Helmet). Everything else is really just about quality (does it work when it really matters).

Any feedback will be appriciated, and i'm sure others will find this useful as well.

Cheers all