With a number of recent documented crashes with new EUCs (TheBlackCobra, for example,) and a number of teardown videos raising questions about basic electrical safety of the shipped devices, is there anything we should be doing to raise the issue back with manufacturers?

While crash and/or burn stories tend to make better news than 'I rode my wheel today and nothing happened', it does seem that build quality is not to a standard that would be accepted if the devices were homologated for road use in the EU or US, for example (which may be a reason to  legalise their use, and perhaps to encourage an intermediary body/company to push the design and quality aspects). 

The following video is part 3 of 5 of a teardown of the Gotway MTen3 (it's a bit like finding out what goes into sausages, so you may prefer not to watch,) though it does give an indication as to why Gotway/Begode wheels seem to have more power under strain than other wheels.

Personally, I'd like to see far better design and quality controls, though I won't stop riding the wheels as a result.  A bit like knowing that bacon is actually bad for you, but not being able to resist the smell of a bacon sandwich!