On the Forest of Dean ride, how many of you had a go on the Sherman and the S18 that Ian brought along? I’d be interested in your thoughts about each? I experienced the legendary ’pedal dip’ making a very tight turn when I had a go in the Sherman... Ian doesn’t have this issue, and as he’s a way better rider, could this just be me? Other than that I thought it was relatively unwieldy and tricky to handle at low speed, but that again is probably just my lack of familiarity.

The Kingsong S18 is probably more the sort of wheel I’ll end up going for next. I had a brief go on that too, but not in conditions that would easily have allowed me to compare it with my non-suspension Z10. I could certainly feel that shock doing its work though and once I’d got over the surprise of how high up the footplates appears to be, it felt like a ride I could easily get used to.