Last year during my France holidays some of you electric people urged me to provide links to my EUC World tours. All of them walking my dog :-). Last week we used to stay in Andalo, Italy skiing ... and of course walking my dog in the morning and evening on short trips. To avoid being blamed once more pls find below some links to these short trips. Some of you may find them boring, sorry for that, but in fact they cover the whole region accessible by EUC including deep wet snow and ice on the trails. Above 1.400 m they became too steep and icy thus being too dangerous way back down to the city and I ended at those points. Video including snow and ice riding will follow. In the afternoon my son joined us ... he walked and therefore on relive you will often see me reversing being quite slow overall.

As a comparison the last link is the first short trip back home ... also steep and somewhat longer. Avg afternoon tour here at home is about 20 to 25 km and much faster than in this example ... different climate also affects the dog :-).


Sun, after 10 hours on the road

Next morning

Next afternoon (and so on) (incomplete)

very splendid views (some in relive movie)
and spectacular drone vid (to follow)

Very exhausting due to ice on the trail ... erronerously took the wrong mtb downhill trail and all over sudden ended up in the next valley :-)

Back home short and slow afternoon trip

Some pics:

Forthcoming vid will be more entertaining ... hopefully :-)