KS-S18 Delay in the UK. Well, I placed an order for the S-18 on early September With SpeedyFeet, and I was given and ETA of 2 weeks. It has now been 7 weeks since the order and Ian has told me that HMRC has blocked the release of goods because they are checking documentation for "test reports and Declarations of Conformity". I have checked other EUC suppliers and they all seem to be out of stock and awaiting supplies (so this isn't restricted to SpeedyFeet). I have recieved Photo's of goods recieved from port, by SpeedyFeet, so I know that SpeedyFeet want to release the goods ASAP. Unfortunatly, they seem to be stuck in the middle KS and HMRC. Ian has replied to all of my emails thus far (and provided photographic evidence, of goods recieved- without me needing to prompt for for it), so I am confident in his service. What i am trying to find out is whether HMRC have yet to recieve documentation from KS (so KS fault for the delay), or if HMRC have recieved documentation from KS and are just being the typical slow British bureaucratic system, putting halloween and fireworks shipments as a higher priority over a eco friendly and planet saving form of transport like a EUC.

Ok, I may be biased because I want my KS-S18 (but I know noone here will blame me), but some feedback on where the pressure needs to be placed would be great. I am more than happy to phone up HMRC on behalf of the UK KS-18 suppliers and try and move matters along (if that is where the problem is).