Hey everyone! How do you prevent speed wobbles?? Right now I’m just chalking it up to the fact I’m not gripping the EUC well enough with my legs. Once I get over 26.5 km/h I experience them.
All the reading I’m doing is saying:
-to get swoll legs (I’m working on it!)
-the stock tire that comes with the s18 is prone to wobble by default
-keep the shock stiff (I bumped mine up to 220/100 psi to account for the big effects the cold wind/temps seem to have on it)
-decrease tire pressure to decrease the twitch response in the EUC (I’ll do this later I just can’t give enough pull on the valve stem with my noodle arms to attach my chunky pump 😅)
I mostly ride on pavement and pea gravel/groomed gravel trails. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!