First 2 days of commuting with the wheel! I could def get used to this! I end up spending at minimum 27 mins in traffic lately so I’m more than happy to spend that time on the wheel instead of burning gas where it’s almost $2 CAD per litre and only $0.32 to charge it.
The 33 km Ride is an estimate, as I forgot to hit “start” when I actually left work - I really would have loved to see what that map would have looked like hahaha, I’m sure there will be times where I will do it again. It was +29 with unsatisfactory wind, and lots of humidity. I actually had to sit and take a break after the ride because the heat was making me super woozy. My partner had to carry the wheel up the stairs for me - haven’t felt that bad from the heat in a long time. I had all my protective gear on, and after that I think I’m going to invest in some stand alone torso armour.
My wheel has the PERFECT place to hide at work! You have to be really specific with the angle you put it in at for it to stay upright while turned off, but if i mess it up my garbage can is the perfect height to support the fender.