Double the distance and probably the time. Didn’t realize my watch wasn’t tracking until I turned around to go home hahahaha! Great 20km ride, practised going at higher speeds (26 is the fastest I can comfortably go, any thing faster I get wobbles - even with doing slalom turns. Better do more squats and adductor work) mix of groomed gravel and paved trails.
Anyone notice a different in the S18’s shock in cooler temp? When I started the shock was nice and stiff but by the time I got back it was super squishy…BUT when I got home, warmed it up and checked my chambers I was still where I started in the positive chamber, but lost 20 psi in my negative chamber (can’t find a leak - but I can’t exactly check for one when I’m riding it which seems to be when I lose psi). I’ll take it out again and see if I can find a pattern with the “leak”.