Day 4, errand day!!
Went back to the running track to warm up, tighten my turns and practise stopping at a faster pace and it was a success! I figured out what was making my push-starts so iffy and now that I’ve addressed that it’s like night and day!! It’s like that episode of Spongebob where Patrick is helping him with his driver test and he’s like “BIG TOE” ( )when Spongebob wants to floor it. I also changed my ride mode from intermediate to expert and now the EUC feels weightless in comparison, def more helpful for starting I find.
I made it out to the small bike path but it did start to rain about 1/4 through the errand so we weren’t able to explore the other half of the trail (blue in the photo is where we went, red was where we missed due to weather). I never had so many people say hi to me before while out and about as I have today! Now that I have the start down I’m super excited to go and explore more trails and just get out!! It’ll rain tomorrow but for now it seems like Monday will be clear - just a bit cloudy.
Once I deal with some car troubles I’ll invest in a camera (thinking GoPro hero 9 let me know your thoughts/preferences below if you’d like) so I can make videos like you guys! I’d love to share my local area with you all just like you guys do. It’s fascinating seeing how different the landscapes are.