Day 3!!!! If you want to laugh at me doing figure-8s please mute - it’s just the s18 beeping and the wind. Have to wear my old skateboarding helmet as my jaw is still too tender to wear my MTB helmet. Worked on stopping, u-turns and sharpening my turns. Honestly, just rolling in circles was so much fun 🤣, finally figured out the connotation between my shoulders and the sharpness of my turns. For some reason my brain related the shoulder dip to getting a BIG SPOONFUL of pudding? I mean whatever works - can you tell I’m very food motivated?? Putting that into action happened after the video hahahaha. I did however have success with all but 2 (two!) of my push starts today so I’m super happy!
Saturday I’m going to do some more U-turn practises and sharpen the turns and then I’m going to do my first errand. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my preferred helmet on. My dad (e-biker) and I are going to park near my best friends’ place, take the bike-path down to their place to borrow some movies (probably 750m one way?), then go back and do the other half of the bike path which is a groomed gravel trail (don’t remember the length. Last I walked it was 2019?). I’m excited for the challenge!
Before you ask, no I’m not 16 😭 I’m 26. I just look super young because I don’t have testosterone 🤣