An EUC Riders Achilles heel.....

Hello all, just wanted to share an interesting experience witheveryone here.

About two weeks ago, I was riding my 84v/2400wh gotway monster and having a blast! (Of course, lol) but that all changed about as fast as our wheels put a smile on our face. Here's what happened.

As I was enjoying my ride, filled with the usual excitement we all love, I had done what I assume most of us fear.....i had overpowered the wheel and got an euc cut off.

How did this happen?
Well as I was riding, I got consumed in the moment and was too comfortable with how I was riding. Needless to say, this is our Achilles heel!

Due to this, I had neglected to look at my speed (which was 37.7mph) or any readings for that matter. I solely relied on the warning beep, which is a bad idea IMO. Why?, You may ask. It is because you WILL NOT always hear the beep, I know I didn't on that day. This can be caused by many factors, such as wind noise for example.

Luckily the crash was not that bad, as I was wearing safety gear. This comprised of a full face helmet, knee/shin guards, wrist guards, and a jacket with armor on the back, elbows, and shoulders. I now know that the wrist guards should be full gloves with palm armor, as I got scrapes on my fingers. as well as the jacket needing to be replaced with actual armor, as the pads shifted and caused road rash on my elbow.
I was also seated while riding, so the impact was less. The entire event felt surreal! That sensation of stable ground falling from under you, the fall itself feeling slow and fast simultaneously. However, it has inspired even more confidence in my riding! This is because I no longer have fear of an euc cut-out. I say this because my experience felt nothing like how the videos we all see YouTube look. It felt controlled and soft, not a wild hard crash like it looks.

With that being said, I am not encouraging you to go wild on your euc and not care about reaching that cutoff point. What I do encourage is for you to lose that fear that may be holding you back, while also being conscious of all the factors at play! I highly recommend to wear the appropriate gear for your own safety, and keep an eye on all the info your wheel provides. Also, Do not allow your confidence, enjoyment, or excitement break you from good safety habits!

I wish you all the best out there! keep having a blast and enjoying these awesome wheels we own, hopefully with a new perspective!

P.s. If your curious, I can provide the final readings during that run as well as what gear I used. Also, I will be making a video on it too (no crash footage)