All I can say is YA-WOOOO!
did my first groomed-gravel trail today and it was great, and also did my first bumpy trail and it was so fun. It was paved but tree roots were growing under it so it was basically like looking at bubble-wrap but made of pavement lol it was so fun! Once I get a camera I’ll have to go back and do it again so you can laugh along with me. Only had one fall when I was transitioning from gravel to wet grass. I think if i didn’t slow down to talk to someone I would have been fine hahaha. After all that I feel ultra confident leaving the running track behind until I want to try new skills on the EUC. Now it’s nestled in my apartment ready to go for cheeky after-work rides! Chance of rain for a few hours this evening, and rain every day except Wednesday (my 12 hour work days 😥 ). I’d go back out and explore trails in my neighborhood, but I do need to do a bit of work on a brief I’m giving on April 20th about transgender health care in the Canadian Armed Forces. Looking forward to that 🤩✨🤩!