A good method to improve the sound quality of EUC videos is to record different sounds you can hear on your route. Today I saved 16 new files with two Rode GO receivers to my mobile phone. The files are sounds that I often hear when I take a ride. My new files, among other sounds, "laugh on the schoolyard", "a bus drives by", "a truck drives by", "uphill on gravel", "downhill on gravel", "slow speed on asphalt", "high speed on asphalt with warnings beeps", "a barking dog"
There are no limits to what you can put through your device.
Later when I edit my next video I have many nice recordings that can replace the bad audio from my ride.
I have made fifty recordings to my cloud library. When I get to the level of 200, I will publish the entire content for your use as well (completely free, only for Electric People members).