33.3 km/hr and little to no wobbles!!!! If I got wobbles they were very slight and easy to fix. I took out just a tiny bit of air from my tire. There was also little to no wind today which was quite the treat so that probably played a part.
Tested my route to work. There’s one trail crossing that has a blind corner - cars just love flying down it (it’s a massive hill too) so that was fun almost getting smooshed. Other than that not too long of a go, took a wrong turn - but that’s why you test the route before you actually go to work hahaha. I think I used about 13% there and back? Not sure. I just know it was at 50% and I plugged it in for 10 mins before leaving just in case.
Had my first experience with dogs and it’s so strange how some of them don’t mind the wheel and others just go ape-shit. So interesting! But dogs are cute and people always stop to stare at me while walking their dogs so I get a chance to look at them 🥰🥰 I miss my late pupper…
Looking forward to taking this in to work, weather is looking warm Thursday so that might be my first day commuting with it.