Time: 10:30am meet up.

Where: Meet the same place as last time: https://w3w.co/hardens.vine.selection

  1. Easy trails in the morning for general messing about and enjoying the surroundings (aim for 20 mile route)
  2. ~12/1pm Lunch at bike centre (hot food is served there)
  3.  Ride back to car park for afternoon of hard trails, end whenever we get back


Opportunity to ride the Sherman and KS-S18

You are totally responsible for your wheel and yourself during this entire time, this is simply a meet up of like minded riders and a chance to meet each other.

Couple of rules: 

  1. No going flat out around walkers, bikers, dogs etc
  2. No music blaring out your machines (this is my home turf, don't want to be hated by the locals who love it so far).