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Explore commented a day ago
Jacob Hood
ACM: 4564 km MSuperX: 3534 km
I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the group ride yesterday. I had the opportunity to try a Monster and meet a new rider on a V12
Kirsty commented 17 days ago
Ruthern Flamel
Rumble Fumble Tumble Time
Hey everyone! How do you prevent speed wobbles?? Right now I’m just chalking it up to the fact I’m not gripping the EUC well enough with my legs. Once I get over 26.5 km/h I experience them. All the reading... (More)
Speedy liked 16 days ago
I swapped out my standard non electrical bike for the Inmotion V12 and i could not be happier about my choice of finally buying an EUC! The V12 feels amazing to me and it is a really fun wheel to... (More)