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Everything related to escooters goes here!

Speedy updated a month ago
‘E-scooters should be legalised says Transport Committee’

But what on earth does this mean? Are they comparing it to walking rather than users taking the Scooter rather than their car or something?!
Paul commented 3 months ago
Hi All, Just joined here and I am waiting for the delivery of the Sherman EUC from SpeedyFeet. I will be putting my Dualtron Ultra which is the Rolls Royce and the Bugatti of scooters on Ebay next week unless... (More)
Steven commented 2 months ago
Dominic Winsor
I like floating about.
Scooters… damned useful ways to get around for sure but holy mackerel this Zero 10x 60V is on another level of fun! Really enjoying blasting around the forest on it.