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Ian S
Old Git on a wheel.
I am looking to see if there is any interest in a ride out on the Sunday 23rd August in the Nottingham/Derby area.
I will sort out place and time if enough interest. Have fun keep safe

Ian S
Hey guys there's about 20 of us meeting up in Liverpool meeting in the pierhead on Sunday 2nd of August at 2pm. We'll be riding along the riverside and a few places. You're all welcome to join in on the... (More)
MAtt replied 8 days ago

1st of August 2020: Speedy Feet Meet at FOD.

Time: 10:30am meet up.

Where: Meet the same place as last time:

  1. Easy trails in the morning for general messing about and enjoying the surroundings (aim for 20 mile route)
  2. ~12/1pm Lunch at bike centre (hot food is served... (More)