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Electric People
Electric People

Welcome to Electric People, a community of people who love electric vehicles. Add your own content to be of value to the community! Just choose a group related to your electrification and post away!

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Good Morning Electric People. Here is a little review I have put together on the Veteran Sherman... Enjoy!
NEON commented 4 hours ago
What will be the heart of my spot welder to put my NineBot One E+ Battery back together. It was a transformer out of a microwave oven, the HT winding has been cut out and 3 turns of 25mm2 welding... (More)
I ride my kingsong more then I ride my woman
Nice little run with a group of us yesterday.. Everyone of the gotway riders made it up the hill apart from me... the only kingsong rider 🤦‍♂️ lol
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