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Electric People
Electric People

Welcome to Electric People, a community of people who love electric vehicles. Add your own content to be of value to the community! Just choose a group related to your electrification and post away!

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伊莱 liked 3 hours ago
Jason Harris
Moving sheep by Euc...........priceless!!!
I managed to get 55kms out of my V10f on a coffee run!!
I weigh 105kg and the track had very few hills. Still very impressed!!!
LeFinch liked 16 hours ago
Weekly vlog early Patreon release, Episode 9!

You guys and gals get super early this week, HOT HOT HOT off the press. Thanks for supporting the channel!
LeFinch liked a day ago
Jacob Hood
MSX kilometers: 1171
The pro to not having pads included with large wheels is that you can then choose between power pads or jump pads
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