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Electric People
Electric People

Welcome to Electric People, a community of people who love electric vehicles. Add your own content to be of value to the community! Just choose a group related to your electrification and post away!

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Scott commented 18 minutes ago
Anyone got EUC World working with Android Wear OS like a TicWatch Pro 3 GPS?
NickDubai commented 37 minutes ago
Andre Mostert
Let the good times ROLL!
Now what has been floating around the internet. This look awesome. LeaperKim - Veteran - Abrams - 22-inch wheel - 2700wh battery pack using Samsung 50E 21700 cells - Much better water resistance - Modular design What do you guys... (More)
Andre commented 3 hours ago

Hi Andre,

What you need is M 10 Grub screws 10mm long widely available on eBay also available in stainless steel for a few pence more.Approx £2 for 2.👍

Andre commented 5 hours ago
My new V11 InMotion pedals after less than 1 month and approx 100km, my new InMotion Honeycomb pedals and my NineBot One P pedals after many years and 1000s of KM (the top look like new !)